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Work Hardening/Work Conditioning

Our CARF accredited Work Hardening program is a multi-disciplinary program designed to prepare the injured worker for a successful return to the workplace. This is accomplished with an individualized plan-of-care that is customized to each patient’s functional deficits as compared to the specific requirements of their job. The program focuses on full body strengthening and conditioning, job specific body mechanics training, psychological group sessions, and work simulation activities. Our program has received the highest level of accreditation available from CARF on 5 consecutive surveys and our success rate on returning the injured worker back to their job safely and permanently is excellent. The typical Work Hardening program is daily for 2-4 weeks.

Our CARF accredited Work Conditioning program is a single disciplinary program with a focus on strengthening and conditioning, body mechanics training, and job specific work simulation activities. The program is typically daily for 2-4 weeks and is for patients who have had less traumatic injuries and are not limited by return-to-work anxiety and fear of reinjury.